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Our Breakfast is FLIPPIN AWESOME!!  But we do a bang up job on lunch as well!!  Our burgers are the best!  All 100% ground beef, never frozen, hand packed here!  Try one of our delish

We also do after hours parties!
Have a group gathering or meeting?  We would be happy to accomodate you, even if it is after 3pm.  Did you know we do fraternity parties, birthdays, and graduations.  We can devise a menu for you or you can choose from our menu.  If you have any questions, just email us.


If there is anything that you may want that we do not offer, just let us know, we would be most happy to accommodate your needs!!

We also offer “Orange Bowl” rentals. Great for parties or games (baseball, softball, football….) You get a 5 or 10 gallon orange bowl filled with your favorite cool-aid type drink with ice and cups. $15 for the 5 gallon (serves approximately 40) or $25 for the 10 gallon (serves approximately 80 - and less then 35 cents per serving!)


Are you up for the challenge??  3 pounds of freshly ground beef grilled with our special seasonings gently placed on a bun that weighs in just over a pound.  Surrounded by a half a head of lettuce, two whole sliced tomatoes, half an onion, and two sliced pickles, this is a feast for a few, but a challenge for just one!!  If you can finish this feast in under an hour, you will get it FREE, you will also get a T-shirt noting your accomplishment, and lastly you will go on our wall of fame!!  If you can't finish it, it's ok, you will just have to fork over (hehe) $25, and go on our wall of shame at the entrance of our restaurant.  Good luck!!

Flippin Eggs    
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